Rob Ryan's Fundamental Principles

I support a common-sense approach to government rules and procedures. Wasteful government spending and excessive regulation just fuel higher taxes. We should constantly strive to make our government more efficient.

I support consistent law enforcement, especially when people are violated in their person or property. All of us have the right to be safe in our homes, on our streets, and in our communities.

I believe that a dynamic and growing local economy is the best way to create more and better paying jobs. This is best implemented with a simple tax system and minimal taxes.

Institutions like the family are the backbone of a healthy community. I believe government must support the rights of the family and recognize different approaches toward our common goal of raising healthy responsible children.

I believe we must meet our commitments to our elderly citizens by preserving and protecting their health and safety. I look to our older citizens for their wisdom and experience in building a better future.

Our children are the future. We need to transfer our own wisdom and experience to our young in a constructive and interesting way. We have to remember that kids need to be kids, not little adults.

A good society rests on solid ethical foundations. I believe families, communities, and religious institutions can best teach the American values of honesty, responsibility, hard work, compassion, and mutual respect.

I oppose discrimination. I believe in the equality of all people before the law and that individuals should be judged by their actions rather than their sex, race, creed, or disabilities.

I believe property rights must be honored in our efforts to restore, protect, and enhance the environment for generations to come. I view the careful development of our natural resources as a responsibility that we all share and must work together to protect.