Blue Ash passed an “emergency” ordinance redrawing Blue Ash ward at the Year-End city council meeting (12/13/18).  Ordinance No. 2018-12, modifying Council ward boundaries was introduced by Lee Czerwonka.  The revised lines mean that some people will not be able to vote in the next election for a Ward Representative in 2019.  On a personal level I will not be able to run in 2019, and have no interest in running against Tom Adamec, who is a very good councilman.

Even more problematic was that the ward boundaries they voted for were not published prior to the meeting in either the newspaper, the city newsletter nor on the City Website.   In effect, only council members saw the map of the ward lines they voted on before the vote.  The maps they published was not the Ward lines they voted on.

Once again the word EMERGENCY has been distorted.  Note ordinances normally are introduced, talked about, published, reintroduced for more discussion and then voted on.  But not for EMERGENCY ordinances.

Frankly, perhaps a better option would be to have all Council members run At Large like our neighboring city of Montgomery.  One big effect of all members At Large would be a more diverse council.

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