This is a response and rebuttal to my opponent’s last mailer he sent out where he denies the facts and attacks me in an extremely negative manner.

Frankly my opponent Mr. Czerwonka has again not been honest with Blue Ash residents.  His last flyer he mailed was a shameful and disgraceful attack and a disservice to Blue Ash and Council.  This latest flyer continues both distorted and false claims of his voting record. Just tell the truth, frankly it is much easier to remember the truth.  You can ask the uncontested candidate like Vice Mayor Tom Adamec if what I am writing below is true or just visit city's government  website to verify the information!

My opponent Mr. Czerwonka has trouble explaining his voting record.  At best he has very selective memory.   I believe your councilman have the obligation to tell exactly how they voted and if the voters like it they can vote for the person, if not, they can vote for the other candidates.  But candidates should not just straight out change the facts

 Mr. Czerwonka tried to provide his spin on these past votes and positions and attack me in the process;

Downtown Apartments

Mr. Czerwonka voted during the 12/14/2006 meeting of council on ordinance  No. 2006-60 to modify zoning to the downtown area.  This  approved  high (unlimited) density residential, without any retail on first floor,  that allowed for eventual construction of the massive "4900" apartment complex downtown. Just visit downtown.  If you like it vote for Mr. Czerwonka, if not vote for Rob  Ryan. 

Then on 12/11/2014. Mr. Czerwonka voted for phase 2 during a public hearing that allowed construction of 4900 apartment complex that is under construction now.  He could have voted with others to deny the future construction via the appeal, but chose not to based on zoning regulations.  Of course, he voted for those zoning regulations that allowed the apartment complex to be built in the first place.

Blue Ash Citizens Leadership Academy

The most disengenuous of Mr. Czerwonka's  claims is he was for the Citizen's Academy.  During our workshop on  1/11/16  Mr. Czerwonka  voted against this important program.  The Citizens Academy is intended to provide training for citizens (you) and an understanding/insight/relationship of how government operates in the Blue Ash Community.  Eventually, volunteers could help staff our Boards and Commissions.  Maybe even future City Council representatives to replace me!  I along with 4 others voted for this program that began early this year.   If you believe we should do it the good old boy way and pick friends; then vote for my opponent.  If you believe in good governance vote for Rob Ryan. 

NOPE & Duke's Gas Pipeline

Mr. Czerwonka claims to support NOPE.  Not true!  He was the only Mayor from affected areas to not attend or speak against the Duke pipeline at the Power Siting Board hearing at UC Blue Ash!   Our council voted for legal intervention, Mr. Czerwonka was a "no show" at the hearing.   You can ask the Blue Ash NOPE leadership team if they believe Mr. Czerwonka is really an ardent supporter.    I know I was.

Benchmarking City Goals & Operations

Probably the most interesting vote in the 1/11/16 workshop was Mr. Czerwonka's  vote against measuring and benchmarking City goals.  There were 3 votes to pursue this, but Mr. Czerwonka was against bringing this important business practice to Blue Ash.  I have the experience and will always vote for bringing good business practices to government.  Again I am for Good Governance.

Medical Marijuana

One last item he continues to bring up marijuana and leave out one key word.  That word is MEDICAL. Mr. Czerwonka, claimed we would have more crime and other unsubstantiated negative effects.  I support medical marijuana, so did our State Senator Lou Tehar, who was a co-sponsor of HB523 the medical marijuana bill, and our State Representative Johnathan Dever voted for it and Governor Kasich who signed the bill.  At the local level I supported and voted for a moratorium to let other cities go first so we could see what the real issues were and learn from them.  Then we could make an intelligent decision if we wanted to have those business in Blue Ash, that is Good Governance!


Instead of voting for a candidate that uses dirty smear tactics and innuendos, I believe we should analyze the voting records and then let the voter decide who is best to represent them.   I have made the case and rebuttal to the my opponents latest mailer he sent.

ask for your vote on November 7th! Vote for Rob Ryan for Good Governance. 

Thank You, Rob Ryan