I was asked what qualifications I have for being elected to City Council.  Below is my response. 

The 1st qualification for the office of the city council is that I was a council member and familiar with Blue Ash's operations, processes, and personnel. Additional qualifications are my career experiences, and I am retired and able to devote the time needed. I have a long history of being involved and engaged in a variety of civic and community affairs.

I was elected to the city council in 2015 and made a quick study of city operations. I voluntarily attended the first Citizens Academy session (a resident leadership training program). The fundamental purpose of the Citizens Academy is to develop residents for various city committees or to become future city council members. My opponent was against this training; I was a strong supporter.

As an aerospace systems engineer, I worked with many different teams and individual specialists within the company. I was successful in keeping the focus on our common goals versus our differences. On any team, we may not philosophically agree on a variety of issues. It is very important that we work together to fulfill our duties to the residents of Blue Ash.

All through my adult life, I have been engaged in my community starting with coaching T-ball, leading scouts, treasurer for community association, Weed and Seed steering group (a Department of Justice community crime program), Sycamore school Advisory Council, and the American Legion. In each of these organizations, I was either a leader or an active contributing member.

My top three priorities are
1- Being a councilman who is a resource and advocate for Blue Ash residents.
2- Continue to maintain our city’s economic development while providing superior services to our community.
3- Ensure the redevelopment process is responsible and respectful of the whole community and the neighborhoods where it is taking place.

My campaign flyer has a few more details, such as 

When I was on Blue Ash city council earlier, I took my position very seriously, then was encouraged to run for City Council At-Large in the last election, unfortunately, I  lost by 15 votes.  If you return me to City Council, I have the experience and knowledge to serve you on the city council.

I see being a councilman for you has three main aspects.  First and foremost is being an advocate for you, your issues or concerns.  Second is the role of keeping the city running by approving funds for roads, fire & police, and other city services as well as mundane items road salt, paper etc.  The third aspect is deciding how the city will go into the future in a responsible way to you the citizens and maintain our good financial standing.  I provided my email and phone number for you to contact me on any of these roles.

My approach is not to make radical changes, but to look to where we can keep improving Blue Ash for those who work, have a business,  and especially for those that call Blue Ash home.