As a City Council member I intend to keep Blue Ash moving forward in a fiscally responsible manner using our established long range plans as a guide and keeping true to the City’s charter. One such area is the City Council meetings. I awant to make city meetings truly available to the public by using our video and internet capability to broadcast council and other city meeting.

With the technology available today it is really very simple and inexpensive. We are not always available to attend these meeting due to work or personal commitments. Most of the time these meetings will have very low viewing rates, but occasionally they will be topics of significant interest like the discussion of downtown development, Summit Park plans, or moving the Veteran memorial from the downtown plaza.

Please feel free to contact me for areas that I have not yet addressed on this website using my Contact Me menu, my phone number and email are in the image on the Contact Me page, or just drop by my home at 9514 Conklin Ave.