On Dec 13th Blue Ash City Council Councilman Czerwonka introduced with strong vocal support from Councilwoman Bauer and passed ORDINANCE NO. 2018-12 AN ORDINANCE MODIFYING AND CONFIRMING THE BOUNDARIES OF THE WARDS FROM WHICH FIVE MEMBERS OF COUNCIL SHALL BE ELECTED, AND DECLARING IT AN EMERGENCY.

Here are the Facts about Blue Ash Ward Redistricting Facts
• Ward 1 was partially divided into Wards 2 & 4.
• Council used an incorrect ward map to depict the current Boundaries.
• Council used an undisclosed map of the new Ward boundaries to make a public decision.
• Council used the Emergency Ordinance method to change the boundaries.
• Council passed an Ordinance in contrary to the intent passed by citizens at the 2016 election Blue Ash Charter Amendment.
• Council have blocked over 1000 voters from voting in the 2019 election for a Ward Councilman in the following streets, Railroad Ave, Highland Ave, Conklin Ave, West Ave, Brown Ave, Ridge Ave, Cooper Lane, Park Manor, St. Andrew Place, Villa Drive, Conklin Drive, Miller Road, Northfield Road, Maynard Drive and portions of the south and north side of Cooper Ave.